TERACC Workshop
Interactions Between Increasing CO2 and Temperature in Terrestrial Ecosystems
Lake Tahoe, California
April 27-30, 2003


Desert tour Nevada desert Jay Arnone
Paul Verburg DRI Ecocells Dale Johnson
Granlibakken in snow
snow at Granlibakken
snowy woods
Lindsey Rustad & TERACC logo Lindsey Rustad meeting room
Roger Gifford Cadance Lowell Model-data working group
Paul Hanson Elise Pendall Dave Kicklighter
Jeff Dukes Dave McGuire poster discussion
Reception1 Reception2 Reception3
Lake Tahoe1 McGuire-McMurtrie-Long Lake Tahoe2

For high-resolution copies of any of these photos, contact Rich Norby (rjn@ornl.gov)