Plant Responses to Climatic Warming
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TERACC Workshop on Interactions Between Increasing CO2 and Temperature in Terrestrial Ecosystems

Lake Tahoe, California, April 27-30

Workshop photos

Opening talk -- A Conceptual Framework"  Powerpoint presentation

Related Projects

The ongoing projects on ecosystem response to climatic warming in the Environmental Sciences Division are supported by the Program for Ecosystem Research of the U. S. Department of Energy, Office of Science, Biological and Environmental Research.

They are part of, and contribute to, the Terrestrial Ecosystem Response to Atmospheric and Climatic Change (TERACC) project, a 5-year initiative integrating experimental data and global change modeling, supported by NSF and fostered through GCTE.

Other past and current research projects on the ecosystem responses to climatic warming can be found through the Network of Ecosystem Studies (NEWS).

For additional information about related research on plant responses to global change in the Environmental Sciences Division of ORNL, please visit our sites on FACE research and the Throughfall Dispacement Experiment.

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